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Why PPC?

Instant traffic and maximum ROI.

Our Pay Per Click Management team will help your business collect high-quality, targeted leads and convert them into paying customers.

Through in-depth research and continual optimization, you can expect a flexible, results-oriented PPC marketing solution that perfectly fits the needs of your business.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

We provide a variety of PPC services custom tailored to your exact needs


Landing Page Optimization

We provide all of our PPC marketing clients with a free landing page analysis. If needed, we can set up and optimize your landing pages to maximize conversions and ROI.

Keyword Research

Analysis of search terms that will be ideal for the goals of your business. Develop a presence on Google and it’s search partners to grow your business with your online audience.

Remarketing Campaigns

Target people who have already visited your site. These people are more likely to buy from you because they have already shown interest and/or already purchased, your product(s)/service(s).

Ad Creation

Ad copy that converts it’s critical to running a successful PPC campaign. We create and optimize the text on your ads to increase clicks and ROI. Graphic ad creation is also available.

Bid Optimization

Unlike other agencies that will set your campaigns to “AutoBid”, we carefully monitor and optimize your ad bids to get the most effective placement for the lowest cost.

Google My Business

Manage your presence across Google platforms with accurate business information that helps customers find you and better understand the “story” of your business.

Grouping and Extensions

We’ll organize your campaigns by ad groups, and add extensions to give your ads greater visibility and allow you to get more value from your investment.


Schedule a consultation with your project manager anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on the unique needs of your business.

Ads on Map Search

Target customers locally when they search nearby businesses on Google.com or Google Maps (example: restaurants near me)

PPC Management And The Path To Purchase

Effective PPC Management is more than simply optimizing keywords, bids, and ad text for a “one-size-fits-all” campaign. To be most effective, it usually makes sense to run multiple ads targeting various segments of your audience in a way that will resonate strongly with them based on where they are along the path to purchase.



Your customer's journey is defined by intent-driven moments. It's important to capitalize on these moments when they happen. PPC ads help you be in just the right place at just the right time to bring awareness to your customers when it will make the strongest impact.


Having the right ads and landing pages in place is critical when customers are considering their purchasing decision. Optimizing the right ads and landing pages for your customers will help you clearly communicate the benefits of your product or service


Communicating your message properly will increase leads that convert into paying customers. PPC management not only helps you reach prospects and customers at the right place and the right time, it also provides realtime measurable results that lead to more effective campaigns that get your customers to take action and buy

Benefits of PPC Marketing

How will PPC Management help your business?



Get highly targeted traffic instantly. The most targeted traffic you can get to your website comes from search engines like Google, and PPC is the fastest way to get on the first page. Unlike organic search, your website can appear at the top of search results for your target keywords in just hours.
target audience


Get more leads and customers by making it easier for your target audience to find you. Your ads will show up where your target customers are, and at the right time to help them along their path to purchase.
clear value


Whether you want to convey something that sets you apart from your competition, promote a special offer, or help your customer understand why the benefits of your product or service – PPC ads will make it easier to get your message to your target audience.
laser target


Reach your customers at the right place and the right time. PPC advertising allows you to reach your audience by location, device preference, interests, buying patterns, and much more. Ads can also be scheduled to only run at predetermined times that will get the best ROI.
budget control


PPC is a highly cost-effective approach to digital marketing that allows you to set your budget, and only pay for actual site visitors. Efficient PPC Management will help you continually lower your cost per visitor and adjust your ad spend to get the best possible ROI.
PPC Analytics


See exactly which ads are performing best, and make adjustments to increase ROI. Conversion tracking will help you put your money in the most effective place to get more leads and customers, and increase average customer value.

Our Proven 6 Step Process


1. Keyword Research

Our PPC specialists will analyze your industry and competition to find the best keywords that drive relevant traffic to your website. We’ll research your target audience to make sure we’re using the right keywords for your ads.


2. Campaign Setup

We’ll set up your Adwords account with the right ad groups and structure. We then use our own internal bidding algorithm and industry research to determine the optimal initial bids for your ads.


3. Conversion Tracking Setup

Measurable results are key to the success of your ad campaigns.  We measure the conversions that focus on the bottom line of the business Рnot just impressions, clicks, or traffic.


4. Ad Creation

We’ll create the right ads for your target audience. All ad text and graphics are created and tested to target customers that are likely to purchase your product or service.


5. Constant Optimization

All ads are tested, monitored, and optimized to get the best results for your business. Our PPC specialists track and adjust your bids to get to the best ROI possible.


6. Reporting and Analysis

We’ll send you weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reports that show you how your ads are performing and how results are progressing.

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